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Following the success of Dance and Dance Education in an Age of Interconnectivity, the Royal Academy of Dance Australia is hosting our fifth international conference; Dancing into the future: practices, insights & innovations. The conference aims to bring together dance teachers, scholars, researchers, practitioners, and innovators to investigate best practice in dance teaching with an exploration into both historical and contemporary approaches and a reorientation to teaching models and methods at the forefront of dance pedagogy.

“I am so pleased to be presenting our 5th conference in Sydney in January 2024 and I’m particularly excited to be hosting it in the beautiful spaces of Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre. RAD Australia can’t wait to bring the dance community together again after a few years of digital dancing with an exciting programme of presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions.

Dancing into the future; practices, insights and innovations aims to continue our tradition of providing rich, learning and sharing experiences for dance teachers and industry professionals. The conference will offer opportunities to network, listen, learn and engage and stimulate thinking and ideas on dance and dance education.

Please consider joining us in Sydney for this inspiring and educational event, tickets are on sale now!”

Shelley Yacopetti,  National Director, RAD Australia

Leading the Way Forward: Introducing the Presenters
at Dancing into the Future

The Royal Academy of Dance Australia is excited to to announce the full coterie of presenters for our upcoming conference, Dancing into the Future: practices, insights & innovations. This year's lineup features a diverse group of dance leaders, scholars, and practitioners who are shaping the future of dance education.

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Susan Koff

Currently Clinical Professor in the Dance Education Program at New York University Steinhart, USA, Dr Koff has over 30 years’ experience teaching dance education in higher education in the USA and internationally, including positions at Louisiana State University, Columbia University, University of Denver, Pennsylvania State University and the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Israel. Currently serving as the Past Chair of Dance and the Child International (daCi), she was a Fulbright Scholar visiting the National School of Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen and the author of award winning book, Dance Education: A Redefinition, released in 2021.

Dr Koff was a speaker at the RAD UK Conference, Mapping Dance (2021), she featured in the RAD Guest Lecture Series (2022) and delivered a guest lecture for the MA in Education (Dance Teaching) students (2022). We are thrilled to have Dr Koff join us in Sydney and share her thoughts on the future of dance education.

Cocktail Party Guest Speaker: Lisa Pavane

Lisa Pavane 2022 L_21. Photo by Lynette Wills .jpg

Photo by Lynette Wills, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Lisa Pavane, the esteemed Director of the Australian Ballet School and former Principal Artist of the Australian Ballet, will be an honored guest speaker at the Opening Cocktail Party of the Royal Academy of Dance Australia's fifth International Conference, "Dancing into the Future: Practices, Insights & Innovations." A luminary in the Australian dance industry, Lisa brings a wealth of experience as both a renowned teacher and accomplished dancer. Her insights into the evolving landscape of dance education and performance make her a most welcome guest. 

Born in Newcastle NSW, Lisa Pavane joined The Australian Ballet School as a student in 1978 and trained under the founding Director of The Australian Ballet School, Dame Margaret Scott AC DBE. 

In 2007 she joined The Australian Ballet School staff and in 2008 became the first graduate of the School’s Vocational Graduate Certificate in Elite Ballet Instruction. In 2012 Lisa became Head of Student Training, was awarded a Churchill Fellowship and gained her Graduate Certificate in Professional Education and Training. Lisa commenced as Director of The Australian Ballet School in 2015.

Panel of Presenters:

Day 1

Genevieve Morris headshot.png

Developing Higher Order Movement Skills in Twenty-First Century Dancers. Genevieve Morris, AUS

Jane Andrewartha headshot2.jpg

A Vision for Holistic Dance Education

Jane Andrewartha, AUS

Jane Inglis-Keen headshot.png

Training Dancers for the Future: From Cygnets to Swans.

Jane Inglis-Keen, AUS

Caroline Bowditch headshot.png

A Rambert Grades Discussion: An Inclusive Framework for Dance

Caroline Bowditch, UK

Helen Linkenbagh headshot.png

Coordination, Rhythm and Repetition in Dance

Helen Linkenbagh, UK

Marie Walton-Mahon headshot.png

Early Movement Patterns by Progressing Ballet Technique

Marie Walton-Mahon, AUS

Ekaterina (Katia) Kullengren headshot.png

Ballet Class Accessibility Beyond the Studio: Future of an Art Form

Ekaterina Kullengren, UKR

Dr Sara Grafenauer headshot.png

Pre-Professional Dancer Health Status and Preventative Health Knowledge: Current Insights and Future Recommendations

Dr Sara Grafenauer, AUS; Dr Joanna Nicholas, AUS

Julia Barry headshot.png

Practical Strategies for Integrating Dancer Wellness Initiatives into Private Dance Studio Timetables and Curricula

Julia Barry, AUS

Jane Andrewartha headshot2.jpg

Dance is for Every Body!

Jane Andrewartha, AUS

Dr Rachel Ward headshot.png

Dance for Older Adults: Essential Considerations for Optimising Health and Safety

Dr Rachel Ward, AUS

Gail Hewton headshot.png

The Gold Moves Australia Approach: Enabling Older People to Thrive Through Dance

Gail Hewton, AUS; Julie Chenery, AUS

Genevieve Morris headshot.png

Engage & Release: A Practice for improving Dancers’ Biomechanic Understanding

Genevieve Morris, AUS

Fumi Somehara headshot.png

Innovative Nutrition Education for Dancers: Empowering their Health, Wellbeing, Performance and Selfcare

Fumi Somehara, AUS

Sally Harrison headshot.png

The Knee: “Hyper or Not Hyper”- Aesthetics Versus Function

Sally Harrison, AUS

Professor Susannah LeMarquand headshot.png

A Brain-Compatible Approach to Ballet: Crafting Creative Lessons for the 21st Century Dancer

Professor Susannah LeMarquand, USA; Professor Amanda Gabaldon, USA

Gail Hewton headshot.png

Adapting Dance for Older Bodies for Safe, Engaging and Enjoyable Dance Experiences

Gail Hewton, AUS; Julie Chenery, AUS

Day 2


‘’I’ve Busted My Guts to Improve That Stuff’’

Janet Karin, AUS

Dr Emma Killion headshot.png

Capturing Billy Elliot’s Flow Experience in Education

Dr Emma Killion, AUS

Dr Carol Marie Webster headshot.png

Michael Leslie – Life, Legacy, Future – Building an Aboriginal Dance & Theatre Leader

Dr Carol Marie Webster, USA

Eloise Harris headshot.png

Dance, Neurodiversity and Inclusive Advocacy: Exploring the Dance Teachers’ Role in Creating an Inclusive Dance Space

Eloise Harris, AUS; Catherine Annable, AUS; Tristan Sinclair, AUS; Cassie Magill, AUS

Ginevra Cicatello headshot.png

Out of Breath in TWO: Originate and Perform Movements without Pre-Planning

Ginevra Cicatello, ITA

Developing a Comprehensive Foundation for Dance Technique and Artistry in the Very Early Years

Alice Hobden, AUS

Dr Olivia Millard headshot.png

Enabling Inclusion in Community Dance

Dr Olivia Millard, AUS

Teagan Lowe headshot.png

Nurturing the Evolving Mind of Adolescent Ballet Dancers: Supporting Mental and Physical Growth

Teagan Lowe, AUS; Lynette Wills, AUS; Gabrielle Davidson, AUS; Narelle Forbes, AUS

Dance for Older Adults: Essential Considerations for Optimising Health and Safety

Dr Rachel Ward, AUS

Enhancing Teaching Practice Language –

a Practical Exploration of Strategies to Promote a Growth Mindset and Foster Resilience Through Language and Imagery

Julia Barry, AUS

Paige Gordon headshot.png

Seated Dance – The Next Genre 

Paige Gordon, AUS

Mariah-Jane Theis headshot.png

From Pouring In to Drawing Out: A New Educational Model for the Teaching of Dance

Mariah-Jane Thies, CAN

Enabling Inclusion in Community Dance

Dr Olivia Millard, AUS

Holly Pooley headshot.png

Discovering Rambert Grades – A Taster Workshop

Holly Pooley, AUS

Conference Timetable

To view the full schedule of events, presentations, sessions, and workshops, download the programme below. 

Content is correct at time of publishing and subject to change

Timetable coming soon

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